TopPhlight Drops A New Video!

Top Phlight
TopPhlight is a rapper from San Antonio, TX who has aspirations on making it big in the hip-hop industry. When he was younger, Phlight received musical inspiration from all artists who were the main innovators of Southern hip-hop music. For instance, artists like, UGK, Big Hawk, Fat Pat, and Big Moe.

And out of all of those legendary artists, one of Plight’s main influences was his father. For over 30 years Phlight noticed how his father was involved within various Tejano bands and aspired to be involved within music in a similar way.

At the beginning of April, TopPhlight released a new video from his forthcoming mixtape, “Da Plug”. It features Phlight giving back to the community, reminiscing on family memories, and being assisted by Eo The Mechanic.

Check out the video below.

Be sure to follow Top Phlight on Instagram. 

Be sure to follow Top Phlight on Instagram. 

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