JSTN DMND is destined for greatness with new-age conscious single “Obsessed”

There’s a ghostly echo that slithers across the beginning of this single, “Obsessed”, and it will immediately put you in a particular mindset. Reminiscent of many autotuned anthems before it, you will start anticipating a modern-trap, party record. Yet, just as you are awaiting the impact of an infectious, melodic chorus, Canadian rapper, JSTN DMND, comes from left-field in a flurry of bars. That’s not to say “Obsessed” isn’t fit for the club scene or radio play. On the contrary, a vibrant hook, bathed in melodious autotune, does grace the mix later; backed by the sprint of trap violins, hihats, snares, and a pounding kick-808 combination. This record would have no problem exciting a crowd. It’s simply that those elements aren’t the primary focus for our Ontario artist. What JSTN DMND proves to place more value in is his lyricism and delivery; rapping some honest, yet incinerating bars, at speeds that will scorch you as they pass. There’s a fire in his lungs, spawning from the passion and dedication he has to his children. He makes it a point to let us know throughout the record that his daughter and son are the only reasons he can even bless the booth with his talents, and deliver such an astounding trap smash. JSTN DMND shows a remarkable duality on this track; proving to be lethal with bars, and lovable with his melodies. This is an invaluable combination in the current climate of Hip-Hop, and if he continues proving just how “Obsessed” he is with his family and craft, Canada will be crowning another king of the charts very, very soon.



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