TORONTO HIPHOP>> KVNE releases R&B and new age hiphop song "Make Me Better"


This is a dope love song! On-the-verge artist, KVNE, delivers the perfect blind of R&B and new age hiphop with his new lover's anthem "Make Me Better". Listen as he rides a smooth trap influenced beat harmonizing about the special girl in his life. Read the press release below and follow KVNE's growing movement today.

Canadian RnB and Urban Pop artist, Kevin Edworthy, musically known as KVNE, is thrilled to announce the release of his first single “Make Me Better”. Produced by PDUB, the artist’s new single promises to pair his soulful lyrics with intricate R&B melodies, accompanied by the sounds of classic 808 trap. With previous hits including, “On the Rise”, “Hush and Moan”, “I’m Loving’ It (ft. Brae)”, and “Late Nights”, KNVE proves his musical mastery by writing, recording and mixing his own content. With a new single and more music on the way, KVNE is determined to spread his music to listeners around the world. KVNE’s new R&B crossover single, ‘Make Me Better’, is the most fan relatable piece he has ever produced. Touching on growth and vulnerability in relationships, Kevin recognizes the importance of relatability in music today, as he writes about a connection amongst two people close to him. He aims to create true, heartfelt connections between his music and audiences.


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