releases new-age song for the ladies “Not Fair”

America's problems do not end at racism. Sexism, and the blatant degradation of women, is also a demon our people must fight. With that being said, if there is anyone in the underground hip-hop scene making it clear that they will indeed wage this war on behalf of women, it is New York rapper, Like a sword and shield, he wields rhymes and melodies on his latest single “Not Fair”, and rushes into battle. 

Backed by a sensual, yet powerful trap instrumental, blooming with a beautiful sample of Alicia Keys's 2009 “Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)”, the Queens native dedicates this entire track to ladies of the night. It is an anthem for exotic dancers, bartenders, adult-film actresses, and any other woman whose profession is unjustly frowned upon. “And it's Not Fair--” croons on the chorus on the track, “--how they be judging you, girl / You out here running the world / Taking care of your business”. With those few bars alone, he justifies these women's positions. They are simply doing what they need to to make end's meet; and should be praised, not pejorated, for their ambition and excellence. As much as this track could be played at home, it would truly bump in the club scene; where the women it speaks to can embrace it and be inspired by's recurring reminder “Ballers ball, and Haters hate”.


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