Young Flizo - How Ya Livin (Feat. Doochie Bass)

Young Flizo and Doochie Bass flip the Nas and AZ classic "How Ya Livin'" and execute it flawlessly. The duo out Camden, New Jersey go back and forth addressing the realities of living on their block. Camden is known for its violence and crime stricken neighborhoods which could make for some pretty grimy and gritty content, but the instrumental on "How Ya Livin'" is uplifting and feel-good giving it a unique energy. It has been 20 years since the original version of "How Ya Livin'" came out and you can notice the difference when topics like gentrification and mumble rap start to get addressed on the 2018 version. However, Flizo and Doochie stick to their core and deliver on a real hip-hop track that reminds us that lyricism is alive and well. "How Ya Livin'" is really a breath of fresh air. Check it out below.

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