Hard Head - Sweet

Ambitions of a Rider!

We 1st heard of WestCoast representative, Hard Head's music from our Midwest blog connection, but was pleasantly surprised at 1st listen! Now we are proud to present more dope g music from Hard Head!! This time he releases a banger called "Sweet". He has the great gift to pull you into his story and feel the hunger, "Sweet" is no different. 

Check his bio and last music review below:

"Hard Head... That’s Gangsta, right?
That’s what the street’s SAY!
Not when it’s the studio GANGSTA music. Yeah…REAL GANGSTA MUSIC. Some fresh-laced new hip hop food from the infamous Los Angeles, and he’s attracting attention!
Just like the known trade marks of Los Angeles, HARD HEAD satisfies the urge for truthful down- to- earth soul-reaching street music. What else would you expect from a California boy coming from the heart?
He’s been broadly categorized as a sort of “gangsta mix of r&b/funk/pop/”strait from the West Coast right from the heart. Yeah, ALRIGHT…but it’s more than that.
It’s Hard Head making track’s,
Hard Head’s songwriting draws from his experience…in life and in musical influences…but it’s how he put’s it together that’s the key
Yes he draws from it all: Ice Cube, Dr. Dre , and Kid Rock. Black Eye Pea’s, Marvin Gaye, Steve Wonder, and 50 cent. But it really WORK’S!"


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