Polo Sho delivers a smooth remix with his new visuals “I Know”

Hip Hop culture is ever growing and the boundaries of expansion appears to be limitless. With international star Drake leading the way and the advancement of social media, Hip Hop has been able to connect its artists from all over the globe and almost instantly increase their visibility. Canada, specifically Toronto has been birthing some of the biggest artists in music for the past 10 years. The eyes are looking north of the border for the next big thing and Polo Sho knows his time is now. 

Putting on for Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Polo Sho is coming through with his new single/video "I Know Freestyle" off of his new mixtape 'No Feilings'. The cinematic video was shot in Capetown, South Africa in Cosher Recording Studios and features Polo flowing over a smooth instrumental of Busta Rhymes' hit “I Know What You Want”. He makes the jam his own while charming a young lady with his boss-like charisma. I dont see Polo heading anywhere but up as he continues to craft heartfelt hiphop bars over high powered production!

“I KNOW (Freestyle)” on Youtube: 


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