Damond Young - LOVE


USA Blog network is proud to present our dopest #VideoOfTheWeek “LOVE” by Damond Young!!! 

“LOVE” has an universe message and is meant to give everyone watching a very good feeling! Sonically to the ear, it is the perfect blend of rapping, melody, top-notch production and mixing/mastering! The storytelling by Damond is what we’ve come to expect from a rising star of his caliber. It was a great way to showcase his level of talents and appeal to that special someone! Follow the Damond Young movement below.

visit www.damondyoung.com today!

MORE INFO: "Damond Young is a recording artist, lyricist, producer, and entrepreneur based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Known for his uniqe brand of youthful, explosive energy lyrical versatility, creative wit, and spirituality, Damond has quickly gone from surprise prodigy to industry prospect, to now becoming one of the most exciting independent acts to emerge in New Orleans and add to the historic legacy of innovators that have made New Orleans' musical tradition a thing of legend in hip hop and beyond." http://www.DamondYoung.com 

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