VIDEO REVIEW: Hefe Heetroc - Shr00mz

Acid rap. Take a trip through the wonderful mind of Hefe Heetroc with his new song "Shr00mz". "Shr00mz" is a trippy conscious banger that entertains with a mixture of hiphop and dope electronic sounds! 

The video is a cool compliment to the song as it shows our star, Hefe Heetroc, possibly gone of the shr00mz. As 1 of my fav TV show, Entourage suggests, Joshua Tree National Park is the best place to go and do mushrooms and have a spiritual awakening. Though, in this video Hefe Heetroc has the same awakening by roaming through the streets of Los Angeles, tripping off of cool imagery and spitting rhymes about life. Take a trip!

Follow Hefe Heetroc's growing movement and download his new song, "Shr00mz" today on iTunes.



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