Ryan Cole shows you how to 'Flex' on a new song

Fresh off the success of his mixtape "I Am Ryan Cole", he is back with an official trap anthem titled "Flex"! The song has been selected as the USA Blog Network's 'Song of the Week'. Beatmaker, Bricks On Da Beat produces the perfect piano and bass influenced track for Ryan Cole to shine on. With its dope lyrical content, Ryan's charismatic delivery, and professional sound, I could easily hear "Flex" in DJ rotation alongside other current hitters like OT Genesis, Savage 21, and Migos. 

What really stood out to me is Ryan stayed true to who he is, not what the industry wants to hear. You usually hear alot of drug talk these days, where as he admits not touching the work and not poppin pills. Instead he raps about every young man's dream: having fun, staying fly, and fucking every pretty chic in sight! Ryan says,"FLEX is the new movement! It's more than a song... it's a lifestyle!" Look out for the visuals to the song coming very soon. 

Check the preview to the video here:

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