NEW MUSIC: Jôey Crate- "Smoke Out"

Joey Crate is a hip-hop artist from Scarborough, Canada. Joey grew in a house where music was a big part of his childhood. After graduating high school and going to University, Joey soon realized his calling in music and production. Dropping out of school and pursing music was the next chapter. Blending an old-school rnb rap cadence with a wildly new production, his style is slowly but surly emerging. His influences are derived from 90’s rap and rnb, dancehall and reggae and 90’s dance music. With an in-house production team, Joey is looking to take the Toronto music scene by storm and establish himself in the scene. Being from Toronto, but Scarborough specifically, you can hear the “Toronto sound” in Joey, with a suburban feel. You can look forward to a wealth of releases this year for the young rookie.

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