From Backwards, comedy/hiphop album “Trump in the Trunk”

As everyone else's jaws dropped from the ridiculousness of 2015's presidential race, rapper, From Backwards, made a decision to use his creativity to make a stand. “Trump in the Trunk” is his 10-track album that is packed with entertaining rap music, witty political satire, and wacky Trump punchlines. 

This is far from just another rap album... This is a movement! “Trump in the Trunk” is for everybody who has been scratching their heads, wondering how'd this idiot become USA's 45th President. From Backwards makes it very clear on each song that he is not a fan of our current President. Listen as From Backwards rocks funny remixes of hiphop classics while totally clowning Trump. Songs like 2Pac's “Brenda's Gotta Baby”, turns into “Trumpy Has Baby Hands” and Digital Underground's hit “Humpty Dance” turns into “Trumpty Dance”. From Backwards speaks about the making of his new project in-depth on his recent interview with USA Blog Network: 

Now put that “Trump in the Trunk” and ride around the parkinglot looking for bumps! Stream/Download the full project today on iTunes:




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