Chyna Whyte new motivational anthem "We Winning"

Chyna Whyte has been winning for quite some time now. Even before she was signed to Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz' BME Records and totally smashed the “Bia Bia” remix! In 2017, now Chyna Whyte is set to inspire the world with the release of her new single “We Winning”. This is powerful hiphop!!! “We Winning” is an uplifting song that is sure to bring out the dreamer in you. Listen as Chyna Whyte uses her signature southern soulfulness and sharp delivery to drop an amazing message over sythns and uptempo trap percussions. Her words touch the soul! She says, "We Winning" is an encouraging one to keep moving and to cross the finish line. When you don't give up, you WIN.” This particular track highlights Chyna Whyte's current position and trajectory in the industry as a successful entrepreneur, book and music publisher, philanthropist and musical artist. Listen to the new song “We Winning” on online distributors today!

“We Winning”

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