Chief Apache lives the pimp lifestyle on new video "Players" [UrbanGrind TV]

It's a Chicago affair as Urban Grind TV (Fubu Network) presents "Players" from Chief Apache. The macalicious production is provided by TeamPackBack affiliate producer, Ill Brown.

The long haired pimp proclaims his reign to that of the Martin Lawrence character Jerome aka The Playa From The Himalayas. Not to be laughed at however, this Windy City player was raised by the west and south side gangsters, hustlers and thugs. He makes this well known thru the video as he lays it all down with a buttery delivery. He also speaks about the player lifestyle and can be seen multiple times riding with his dimes dropping game on them. Ill Brown provides the saucy, seventies fueled pimp music that carries audio clips from the most notorious pimping movie known to man, "The Mack". Chief Apache also interpolates Curtis Mayfield's "Diamond in the Back" into a newly rendered bridge in the song. The video was premiered thru Urban Grind TV, who also recently interviewed the rapper. "Players" is the lead single from Apache's forthcoming album, "Slick Talk". -Barry Quigley

Chief Apache Online:

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