Shaka Banton (@shaka_banton) - The Soundtrack

Shaka Banton drops a tribute to those who came before him with "The Soundtrack" which is a unique 20-minute medley of remix's over classic instrumentals from everyone from 2pac to 50 Cent. The emcee out of Texas brings a very gritty approach to the mic and his influences are clear by the way he structures his lyrics with very meticulous and well-crafted patterns. The street-talk on "The Soundtrack" provides a lot of imagery and detail that really brings the listener into the introspective mind of Banton who clearly has a lot to say in damn near 300 bars of rapping. Check out "The Soundtrack" below and for music music from this talented emcee. 

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  1. Toronto where yall at i got that new new check the soundcheck.SB


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