Singer/ Meg Moon, Rapper/ Flares, and Producer/ NathanSynth launch new 10-track project “B.O.M.B” [INTERVIEW INCLUDED]

For most of us, summer is idyllic. The weather’s amazing, beaches are blazing, and love is undoubtedly in the air. However, for a particular trio of talented musicians, summer is damnation in disguise; where no amount of weather, nor scenery, could ever remedy the love they’ve lost. 

Made up of singer, Meg Moon (New Orleans) ; rapper, Flares (Houston) ; and producer, Nathan Synth (Fort Worth), the trio have released their collab-tape, “B.O.M.B”, an exhibition of heartbreak, loaded with counsel and caution we should all heed in pursuit of summertime love. Our Louisiana songstress bears the dint of her soul on this record; chronicling her pain on tracks such as “Mania” and “Ain’t Home” in a surge of tender, relatable R&B inflections. Moon takes a stand on the emotional cut, “Over”, in exemplary fashion, putting herself beyond her heartbreaker. She, engulfed by the sensual, piano-laced production of Nathan Synth, makes the move to end the tumultuous relationship that’s plagued her. As convinced as she is, Flares, the male lead on the project, won’t let up. With sharp lyrics, and a Wale-esque flow, he acts as the counterpart to Moon’s character on tracks such as “Anybody”, “Summer Rain”, and “Understanding”, providing the alternative perspective of her love interest, and giving the project a unique, multi-dimensional dynamic. The title track “B.O.M.B” features the wordsmith telling his own poignant parable, matching the pain Moon felt on so many records prior. Listeners will find themselves submerged in a full-circle concept album that addresses both sides of a failing relationship. On the ten-track “B.O.M.B”, Nathan Synth sets the stage with well-crafted, amorous beats; while Meg Moon and Flares tell the most heart-turning love story this summer may ever know.

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