Benjamin K refreshing new-age RnB album “Ben 2 Real” [Music + Interview]

With a brilliant blend of melodic R&B and hardcore trap comes North Carolinian artist, Benjamin Ken. Loaded with fourteen, versatile tracks, is his recent, astronomical endeavor, “BEN 2 REAL”. When it comes down to it, there is a distinct dichotomy that spans the entirety of the project. On one hand lies the gentle, melodious side of the Atlanta-based artist, that bleeds out on records such as “INTRO (HERE FOR YOU)”, “PRETTY GIRL VIBES”, “REAL ONE (ft. Lea Robinson)”, “DRUNK TEXT”, and “LIFELINE”, among others. In the shadow of that hand, lies Ken’s darker half, molded by those Southern streets. That treacherous, trunk-thumping sound can be found in cuts such as “ROOFTOPS”, “2 Real”, “GUCCI (ft. Walt)”, “CELEBRATION” and “CRAZZI”.

What Ken demonstrates through this duality, is the powerful dexterity of his songwriting. He proves proficient in crafting slow-burning, alt-R&B records for the ladies; while, likewise, giving fellas a list of bangers to ride to. The only other we’ve ever known as skilled with this separation of sound, hails from Toronto, and has been dominating the charts for the past ten years, hit after hit. The moment “BEN 2 REAL”, in all of its impressive versatility, hits the mainstream, Benjamin Ken could be following in those same, exact footsteps. Click the link, and see for yourself.

“Ben 2 Real” 

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