@Leo_Rambos Back On The Scene with "Stick"

Leo Rambos is a Hip Hop artist hailing from Charlotte, NC. He’s been rapping since he was 13 years old. At a young age, Rambos was already spitting full 16’s. Shortly after he started attending high school, the music mogul in the making bought his own recording equipment and made it his mission to record 2-3 songs every night. Throughout his consistent recording process, he came to find his sound and what differentiates him from other artists.

      Far from someone who’s dependent on his family to provide for him, his childhood was quite on the rough side. He has a troubled past, being forced to grow up quickly to fend for himself after his mother was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. He paused everything and dedicated his life to caring for his momma until she passed in 2015. Suffering a loss is never easy but Rambos always looked to her for inspiration. As she looks down on him, he grinds harder. He hops back in the booth and picks up right where he left off when it comes to his career. Now he’s focused with his mother as his guardian angel by his side, he feels as though he can conquer the music game at the mere age of 22. 

      Rambos recently dropped his new single “Stick” on all major streaming platforms. The song depicts him accompanying a captivating beat with an enticing word flow. He talks about fake friends and being careful who you put your neck on the line for because not everyone is loyal. 

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