Hiphop duo, OandS4ever (Ron Oneal + SV Skee) release certified trap anthem “KILO”

Dynamic duo, Ron Oneal & SV Skee (otherwise known as OandS4ever) strike as new-age progenitors of cocaine rap. They have a repertoire consisting of thumping, drug-induced bangers; and that rep is only magnified with the release of the latest single, “Kilo”. “Kilo” is an ode to hustling; complete with an addictive chorus and narcotic instrumental. 808s slide smoothly across the bassline of this record, surrounded by hats, claps, and a menacing synth-key arrangement. SV Skee, through a syrupy surge of autotune, raps within the hook “They just want the money from the Kilo”, letting you know exactly where his and his brethren’s priorities lie: getting rich. And the only thing more guttural than the ambition for winning, is their delivery on each of their verses. Both emcees attack the beat in a blend of aggressive snarls, and ravenous rapping, showing that this song can not only be felt in the club, but likewise on every block in the country. Especially the Lower East Side, Manhattan ones they hail from. With the way “Kilo” is blowing up thus far, thanks as well to the visual they recently released, these brother New Yorkers are about to find themselves pleasing an entirely different clientele.



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