Kokaine Karter drops certified trapper's anthem “Holl Up” ft T2 [Music + Interview]

Texan rapper, Kokaine Karter, wants all of us to “HOLL UP” with his latest, enchanting single. Having been born and raised in two separate Lonestar cities, Karter combines the leaned-out, autotune swag of Houston with the grittiness of Dallas, and jumps out that cauldron blazing hot with rhythm and flow.

Featuring guest artist T2, the record is incredibly suited for the club. Its ominous melody, matched with the groove of well-placed kicks and 808s, creates an atmosphere that will have you itching to escape your seat. If that’s not enough, however, his lyrics and flow certainly will be. In smooth breezes of melody and autotune, both artists bless the beat with addictive cadences and street parables. As much as they have indeed crafted a party record, suitable for setting any nightly event on fire, they never abandon their lifestyles. The grittiness of their attitudes and surroundings are matched with the lavishness of their desires, which fuse in a sea of melody and trap verses, to create one, irrefutable banger. “HOLL UP” is an excellent, club-ready release from Kokaine Karter. Makes it impossible to overlook him among the list of Texas’s talented. 


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