Rich Ab new album “Everyday We Rich” [Music & Interview Included]

Soaring on a melodic cloud of vocalism and versatility, is New Jersey upcomer, Rich Ab. Representing Sicklerville specifically, the artist shows not only is he a force to be reckon with in the studio, but that he has also been gifted with the ability to create something for everybody, through his latest album, “E.W.R.”. 

“E.W.R” comes ten tracks in length; and by the end of a single listen, there shouldn’t be an audience in the world he hasn’t captivated. In the short span of 35 minutes, Rich Ab dives from his cloud of bars and melody, into nearly every urban genre imaginable. If you fiend for trap smashes, his intro “5 Freestyle” and third track, “Too Much” will throttle your speakers and turn up any function you find yourself in. Nostalgic about the early 2000s? His record, “Body” comes with an undeniable East Coast bounce, that would’ve set any club in the country on fire. In the mood for the softer, more melodic takes of modern hip-hop? “Nights Like This”, “White Girl”, “Ghost”, “Alive” and “Dance With Me” are soaking in autotune and emotion; perfect for those smooth, nighttime rides through your area. He even freaks a dancehall record through the stellar track “On It”, and a remix of Young Thug’s “Killed Before”, through the ninth track, “No Love Left”. All in all, this album is undisputed proof that, in being blessed with such well-rounded range and versatility, Rich Ab has all the makings of a superstar. The moment mainstream radio gets a hold of any one of these records, he will be unstoppable.

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