Blanch drops 2 new trap mixtapes “Infamous 1 & 2”

Blanch music’s curating secret weapon has unveiled the awaited mixtapes “Infamous 1 & 2”. The projects are filled with rhyme scheme intricacies as Blanch unveils his talent as a quick-witted wordsmith and unmistakable sharp writer. The end product feels humble, natural and unforced, making both albums a successful effort that transcends beyond its string roots. Blanch appears to be bringing the diversity that’s rare in the hip hop scene, he’s not your everyday boom bap artist or the upbeat type but he’s somewhere in between. 

The infamous 1 proves that Blanch can flip words as he delivers rhymes with a cadence that’s engaging. He’s good at giving you a recap of the good and bad with a sinister vibe. Some of the songs in the albums did not reach the 3 minute mark but the production is above average. This guy is as authentic as they come and although he spits some G shit, his versatility is sure to get his deeply loved or gruesomely despised by the public.

“Infamous 1 & 2” on Soundcloud 


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