$in$eer & Loi Insane new relationship song "Stages"

South Georgia based emcee, $in$eer releases the Loi Insane assisted “Stages”. They are able to create an creative soundscape that transcends genres with rich and soulful music! “Stages” is a story that is based around two people pursuing a relationship and the things that come with a building strong relationship. Produced by Will GATL, the track fuses R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop, for a unique rap/singing collaboration.

The 23 year old Army man, currently serving in Afghanistan, $in$eer is not a newbie to songwriting as he has been crafting music since the age 11. His mission as an artist is to keep the diversity in the culture. Other notable songs from $in$eer include “Velvet”, “Diary”, and Reflections. Check out “Stages” featuring Loi Insane and follow $in$eer's growing movement today.



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