Hometown hero, Tone C. makes magic on hiphop/R&B anthem "Lights Out" #ArtistOfTheMonth

There’s nothing new under the sun. Especially the one beaming across the state of Florida, shining vibrantly on Miramar’s own, Tone C. In a gilded gush of autotune and rap, the Panama-born emcee takes us back a decade with his latest, radio-friendly release, “LIGHTS OUT” (feat. Israel Taylor). 


This track is a bubbly, torrid fusion of pop, hip-hop and R&B; reminiscent of the aesthetic that dominated much of our radio earlier in the century. The Toya Beats production is buzzing with melodious synths, backed by grandiose, 808 drum loops; sonics which all mesh to create the perfect club-rocking concoction. Tone C gives nothing short of a stellar performance. He flexes his penchant for song-writing and story-telling; flirting lyrically with a girl unknown. His solid delivery, matched with the addictive auto-tuned hooks of his feature, Israel Taylor, create a powerhouse of a record; dripping with every ounce of warmth and magnificence that attracts the lot of us to the Sunshine State. If the nature of radio records, as of late, has been suffocating, “LIGHTS OUT” is a nostalgic breath of fresh air.


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