#RnB singer Sassy Vee gets "Emotional" on soulful new single [Music + Interview]

A vibrant, herculean kick, guided by the gush of an 808, is the first thing you’ll hear on this titanic release, “Emotional”. It is an outstanding musical commencement, for it beautifully segues into the iridescent vocals of Sassy Vee; and the “Break Free” EP cut, in an instant, transforms into the sonic ride of a lifetime. “Emotional” is Pop at its foundation; sporting a bubbly, electronic synth that sparkles about the peripherals of piano chords and trap snares. However, the San Diego-born, New Haven-based singer, unleashes pure R&B onto the microphone. She croons, melodizes and harmonizes with the dint of her sprightly soul; squeezing a sensual, amorous jam out of the record. Her voice, truly, hearkens to R&B/Neo-Soul eras of the past, and Sassy Vee masterfully matches it with a cutting-edge sound. In little under three-minutes and thirty seconds, alongside showing she’s a upcoming talent to keep our eyes on next year, she makes certain that her “Break Free” EP is what we’ll keep our ears on for the end of this one. And “Emotional”, in all of its romantic glory, is the ideal appetizer.

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"Emotional" on Reverbnation


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