Snow Flakes releases #fire visuals to his new #afrobeat #dancehall hit “Zango”

Promised to make international waves with his latest record, “Zango”, is West African artist, SNOW FLAKES. He is splashing along the coast with a signature, afrobeat sound that is both futuristic and conventional. Just as his parents before him married Togolese and Nigerian, SNOW FLAKES is discovering a unique espousal between Afro-dancehall and international EDM. “Zango” is the resulting, anthemic lovechild; positioned to rock clubs, parties and festivals, continents abroad. There is a wealth of spirit and culture in the tune; strengthened by SNOW FLAKES melodious delivery and the nightly, yet colorful production backing him. The seductive momentum of the bassline alone will enthrall the hips of any listener involved. That, if nothing else, secures its potential as a dancefloor smash; and rectifies SNOW FLAKES imminent, international stardom. This year has seen an explosion in underground, African talent; and SNOW FLAKES “Zango” is a finale beyond our wildest dream.


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