D-Justice releases westcoast inspired anthem "Front, Bacc, Side 2 Side"

D-Justice has a special catalyst that will inevitably help him to transcend anonymity. His new track is a west coast inspired anthem in which he delivers breathless, unrelenting bars that bounce over the moody beat with vivid detail. The track combines modern sounds with cues from traditional Death Row G-funk tendencies. However, the razor-sharp rhythmic sensibility and soothing delivery is on point. The style portrayed flirts plenty with post-hyphy Bay production. 

D-Justice appears to be handling the game as he spits lyrics that draw attention to the realities of west side street violence and drugs that achieved wide spread acclaim. The track abides by the ethos set forth by the genre’s pioneers. This track gives us some hope that D-Justice will maintain the standard that West Coast rappers have set in dominating the hip-hop culture! 

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