Grand National Ink new video "Big Wheels"

The wait is over for Grand National Ink after the diverse group from Chicago rolled out “Big Wheels” Video. The video was released by UGTV on Comcast and the group’s website The irresistible and catchy hook coupled by the melodic flow is bound to engage the listener. Grand National Ink, consisting of Hec Nation & FM, capitalizes on the strengths of its artists’ diversity to produce profound bangers. The appealing sonics and strong-armed lyricism showcased in this video is satisfying for listeners who appreciate enriched variety. This banger is digestible and precise, thus retaining the listener’s attention, as it offers crafted rhymes that are extremely rewind-worthy. 

The group is set to perform at the Midwest Fest & SCM Awards in Memphis in May, be sure to check them out. This track is a fun ride, giving you a dose of that relatable rap.

Twitter @GrandNatInk
Instagram @grandnationalink

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