Frylock Jacques re-defines new-age hiphop with "Outerspace" EP

A-town looks like we have another one! Fresh out of the hot bed of Atlanta, GA comes a new trippy sound from an eccentric artist, Frylock Jacques. Frylock bring us his new 5-track banger, Outerspace EP. This ATLien's project is consistent with a spacey, hard hitting production to match his out of orbit melodic style. 

Frylock makes reference to space often on the project, which he says is a metaphor for marijuana. Jacques says marijuana medication and staring at the stars played an intricate part in his creative process. The entire project was actually recording by a makeshift studio that he setup in his Saturn car, that allowed him to roll around, smoke, and record! 

With the unique energy and sound that he carries, it wouldn't surprise us to hear Frylock making hits with the likes of Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, or Travis Scott any day now. He recently shared his story via audio bio with USA Blog Network. Listen to the EP and interview today! 

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