Polo Paul, lyrical powerhouse releases smooth new-age trap anthem "A Boogie" [INTERVIEW]

This track grabbed my soul and made me want to roam the NYC streets during those wee hours. It starts with a breakbeat that sounds titanic, although it’s straightforward at close range. Polo Paul’s latest track “A Boogie” is the sort of track you’d play to an alien in 2115 if you were tasked with explaining a young man’s street hustle attempts in Harlem; as they cope with 1980s drug scene building an illegal empire only to have a crisis of conscience. The primary strength in the beat lies in the tightly coiled groove and heavy bass tone. 

The content is very deep as it is inspired by Ace Boogie from the hit film, “Paid in Full”. There’s no doubt that this artist has advanced lyrical skills portrayed by his infectious flow and unparalleled rhyming. Polo Paul must be potent in his lyrical prowess in his attempts to address the temptations and rigors of the ghetto in a quest for a meaningful life. The heavy hitters in the game will have to seriously reflect on the condition of the minority in NY, as portrayed by Polo in this track. Listen to “A Boogie” on Soundcloud and follow. www.polopaulmusic.com

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