Drive 1000 Drops Two Tracks for the Streets!

Who is Drive 1000?

The answer to that question has been years in the making. Hailing from the streets of South Miami, FL. Eundrae "Drive 1000" Toomer grew up in a single parent household with 5 siblings – to which he is oldest.

He began his journey as hustler at a young age. Learning the game from his uncles, Killa, and KT – soon, he began to maneuver throughout the streets of Miami. His mission? Get to the money by any means.

Not completing high school was a trend in the inner city neighborhoods; due to the conditions, and distractions planted in the black communities. For young Eundrae, his outcome would be no different. School was secondary, and the streets came first.

Being heavily involved in street life often comes with consequences that he became all to familiar with. Eundrae would continue on to lead a troublesome life that would include shootouts, drug dealing, fast money, and women. Before realizing his God given talent that would later remove him from this lifestyle, he had a child, and began a family which grew into five; who all looked to him as their hero, and leading example.

It was then, Eundrae knew he had to make a change. Heavily influenced by the likes of Scarface, Trick Daddy, JT Money, 8 Ball & MJG, he began to dabble into music himself. Recognizing his undeniable ability to bring his real life experiences to life through song, Drae, his younger brother and cousin formed a group fittingly named "The HustleHolics." The group would go on the to become a sensation, gaining wide spread mainstream success with their hood anthem "I'm So Throwed Off."

The HustleHolics gained the attention of fellow Miami native Rick Ross which opened the door for a collaboration/remix to the street hit "I'm So Throwed Off" which began picking up nation wide, across the airwaves. The group later dismantled due to irreconcilable differences. The album was never completed. This brought about a new chapter in Drae's life.

"Mr. HustleHolic" was no more. It was time for a resurgence, a resurrection. Now, to answer the question "WHO IS DRIVE 1000?" Drae + Five beautiful kids who inspired him to change = Drive 1000!

The rest is yet to be seen!

Be sure to follow Eundrae's social media at Drive 1000!

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