Sense AKA NewKid Just Released A Hot New Track!

Sense's story is about constant evolution, acceptance, growth, and the constant quest for self-discovery. Striving to be as real and as vulnerable as possible Sense readily admits to mistakes while always pointing towards a hopeful future. Sense has put in a lot of ground work under his own imprint (Family Money Everything Ent) performing at the 2016 SXSW "Flamingo Cantina" for the "Painkillers Reloaded Tour" touching the same stage as "Young M.A." and "Desiigner".

He has also been to A3C, attending seminars, shooting videos, and networking with people all over. In the 4th Quarter of 2017, Sense hopes to drop his debut album, "The Full Story." But he still has plenty of work to do before achieving his self-required goals.

One things for sure though, its going to be an interesting year. #FMEforever

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