kCAne MarkCO Releases a New Single!

kCAne MarkCO

kCAne MarkCO and BLaCK_Nrc have made a new song dedicated to the ladies. In their new banger “Fit n THICK I”, through their new song, these two artists are doing things a little differently. According to MarkCO, this song is dedicated to every, “woman is fit or thick we love them for who they are, what they’re about beyond the beauty that is skin deep. LOVE YOURSELF. PERIOD.”

Check out their new release below!

kCAne MarkCO has come a long way from being born & raised in the Lou (St.Louis, Missouri)! The Missouri native has made several accomplishments. One including his music being licensed by MTV/Bet & Viacom Media Networks. MarkCO’s humble hip-hop beginnings began by him spittin’ rhymes in cyphers on the corners and parks in his hood. 

Eventually, making his way to the Crooked-I (Indiana) through the Chi. MarkCO’s family is deeply rooted in the Mid-West! It’s hard trying to compare MarkCO to other artist because he sounds like himself. When he raps, he tries to connect to fans by having a conversation which just happens to rhyme. It would seem that he does this because he loves it and there is no better reason than that! World, meet kCAne MarkCO the Mid-West Juggernaut!

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