Pariyah is off the grid with new trap anthem "M.I.A"

2018. A time when the world is ran by social media and those that are using it. With everyone constantly tuned into their media platform of choice to check out the latest and newest, sometimes its a relief to get away from it all. Virginia native, Pariyah is doing just that. The 23 year old label head/artist is back with his new-age trap anthem, "M.I.A." Pariyah who embraces being a self proclaimed loner, says the premise around his new song is just about him going off of the grid to focus on his progress. He believes that often we get caught up in what is going on in the lives of others that we don't focus enough on ourselves. I couldn't agree more. M.I.A. is jamming too. This slapper is equipped with powerful lyrics and trunk thumping production that will keep you nodding uncontrollably whether you are on or staying low off of the grid. Fall into the new single today!


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