SlickMick releases new video "Dance with a car in Pattaya"

A song coming from an artiste that has had the “next to death” experience. Artist SlickMick details his journey from being “ok” to lying in a hospital bed not knowing what is really going on whether in his head or anywhere around him. This is basically a testimonial of closing out an experience in Cambodia and heading to Thailand where his world change in the blink of an eye. He could remember stepping from a bus and as he made his way to crossing the street, it all went blank when he was hit by a car and ended up in rehab where his life was now a matter of recovery or out.

Through his song, you could literally hear his passion for living and his strong courage and determination to fight his way through to full recovery. This song portrays his bravery and can definitely be a form of peace and motivation for those going through a struggle and trying to keep going. Though it may be a sad experience, his strength over-powers that and makes him a tower of strength for many in the music industry and those listening. It goes to show life experiences don’t determine your destiny but pushing through and using those said experiences as a stepping stone for greater heights. A true inspiration of fighting through physical, psychological and emotional weakness!


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