TORONTO HIPHOP>> Nicole Arbour shows perspective of women on “This Is America” [Childish Gambino Remix]

In this rendition of Childish Gambino’s sensational hit “This Is America”, Nicole Arbour takes the stage to share the perspective of women and the variety of social, economical, and psychological injustices women can experience in their lifetime. She further pushes the boundaries by invoking similar thought-provoking imagery and combines them with several incendiary stereotypes to serve as a general expectation from woman. Coupled with the fact that this type of song brazenly opens the dialogue of oppression shared by another social class falls directly into the heart and soul of hip-hop. A social commentary that exposes not only the weakness we have as a society, but also the weakness we have toward each other. The presentation of this message also underlines the most significant aspect of this song, which is the empowerment of women by being aware of it. For Nicole Arbour, it’s not just a matter of showcasing talent and creating content that resonates with it’s audience, but an instilled lasting impression that allows us to explore this complex theme. It’s the type of performance that can be taken to multiple levels and the raw energy of it is palpable.


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