Halfway Human release electro/hiphop single “Burr On The Cat”

When Chris Rainham, and Dylan Sutherland come together as HALFWAY HUMAN, they are a match made in electronic heaven. While one brings the four-to-the-floor rhythm and groove that no dancefloor on the planet can resist, the other brings a bevy of raps and croons that will keep the party sparkling. It is a powerful chemistry, that nine times out of ten, will result in an infectious, dance smash. “Burr On The Cat”, is evidence enough. As the latest single from this Waterloo, Canada duo, “Burr On The Cat” epitomizes that very, eclectic duality mentioned just sentences prior. In the beginning, Dylan’s energy-building shout is backed by a house-esque chord progression. Briskly, Chris adds a kick and buzzing bassline to the mix; giving a groove to his partner’s already, undulating flow. Instantly, HALFWAY HUMAN has a record fated to pull you out of your seat. Yet, they do not stop here. Chris mixes up the arrangement of the instrumental, giving it breakdowns and sections that Dylan glides easily throughout. From melodic bridges, to whole rap verses, the vocalist of this ingenious duo greatly boosts the energy of “Burr On The Cat”. By the end of its near-four minute one time, you will be sweating with rhythmic delight. Yet, you won’t be able to fight giving it another spin.

“Burr On The Cat” on Soundcloud


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