Mad Man Smooth 'Doc Madnezz' New Album: “International Flight Plans” [Music + Interview]

Once again, Mad Man Smooth proves how ingenious and selfless he is with the art of making music. The rapper’s (who likewise goes by DocMadnezz) fourth album, “International Flight Plans”, was sonically designed by a bevy of global producers who sent him beat after beat as he was creating the project. The result is a 23-track, hour long LP that could not be more eye-opening to the talent our world has to offer. Within honoring the potential of international beat-makers, this Pomona creative still manages to cultivate a concise, West Coast sound. That feat, in and of itself, makes “International Flight Plans” mind-boggling. Tracks such as “Built A Lil Different”, “Follow My Lead”, “Aint Talkin’ 2 Me”, and many more, reserve a Californian groove about the rhythms within their instrumentals. Likewise, the synths and melodies pay homage to the G-Funk era of West Coast rap that undeniably birthed him. In tandem with this tethering, sonic theme, Mad Man Smooth also highlights the world’s musical palette with this album. There is an electronic/EDM air to “Do What U Came 2 Do”, “The Ceremony”, and “Instant Replay”; praising the European producers that undoubtedly contributed to the masterpiece. It goes without saying that DocMadnezz annihilated every beat thrown his way. No matter the instrumental; that toughened, West Coast flow is infallible, and matched with the features of frequent guests (Yoki Gold and Spyda Loc Da Real) and banger is always promised. “International Flight Plans” proves there is a creative dexterity within Mad Man Smooth’s artistry. Not only does he have an idiosyncratic way about making incredible music; the final product is always top notch. He is in rare form with this exclusively, 100% internationally-produced project; keeping us waiting with bated breath for his next, ground-breaking release.

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