Pockets the Mastermind drops new New Album “Bad Year”

New Hampshire is closer to crowning a new star than you may think. As the CEO of Rycore Records, Pockets the Mastermind, dropped his latest “Bad Year” project, he simultaneously proves that there is talent in the East Coast outside of New York. Likewise, that the Manchester-state is on the rise. “Bad Year” is an eight-track opus highlighting the trials and tribulations of Pockets’s 2017. Over a fitting blend of radical, boom-bap to trunk-thumping, energetic trap, Pockets unhinges a monster of lyricism and flow. Not only does he demonstrate the ability to create an enthralling album; but that the songs within it can be just as infectious. “Bad Year” is the ideal album for a riotous, mosh-worthy performance. Let Rycore do its thing, and 2019 will be the exact opposite of his title.

“Bad Year”

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