CaliSpeedway is all about her “Goat Cheese” on wavy new flex anthem

One thing that's for sure, CaliSpeedway is a talented personality with energy off the charts! Her extra-wavy new flex anthem titled “Goat Cheese” makes her 1 of the hottest artists of 2018. 

Goat Cheese” is a money motivated club banger that inspires you to chase down your cheese. Cali uses the word 'cheese' as a clever metaphor for money. She says, “Get yo money... Yo blue cheese, goat cheese, american, cheddar, feta, mozzarella, parmigiano, queso, muenster, etc.” You will 1st hear a sinister keyboard, then fall into a lit trap production by beatmaker, Tasha Catour. 

CaliSpeedway's unique style sets her light years from other rappers with upper-echelon songwriting and comical delivery. She describes herself as, “If Drake and Missy traveled back in time. Had a baby. Gave it up for adoption.” This is a fun dance song!!! Aside from hiphop, it appears that she has a singing and webisode comedy career as well. Be on the lookout for more dopeness from CaliSpeedway and listen to “Goat Cheese” today on Soundcloud. 




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