Myah J releases new hiphop/dancehall influenced anthem “Beamer”

Let me introduce you to a boss. Excitement has been consistently building for rising Atlanta hiphop artist, Myah J and 2018 looks to be her best year thus far as she makes magic with her new hiphop and dancehall influenced hit “Beamer”. 

This song is so exciting! Listen as she switches up her flow every so often, giving you the perspective of a hustler's ambition from a fly female's point of view. Half trap anthem, half raggae dance party, and all Myah J! Never has there been a more flavorful remix of Beenie Man's mega-hit “Who Am I”. 

The song effectively showcases her lyrical range and superior song writing abilities over a upper-echelon track. This particular song highlights Myah J's current position and trajectory in the industry as a successful hiphop artist. Also, “Beamer” is a taste of the greatness to come from her current projects “Beauty & The Beast” and “After Dark”. Listen to the new song “Beamer” on youtube today!

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