Official Mpeeze is all about his business on new banger “60/40”

Suffering a horrible career-ending professional football injury is enough to leave the strongest of us down. However, Mpeeze picked himself up and focused that same competitive, hard working, never give up mentality into his music career and it paid off! Fresh off of the success of hit record “Cut the Middle Man” Official Mpeeze is back with another hard-hitting street anthem titled “60/40”. This is more than just another rap song... “60/40” is a hustler's manifesto! 

Listen as Mpeeze uses his signature raspy voice and boss-like charisma to breakdown business transactions. He says, “We just want to get everybody educated man. I don't know everything, but I know it's about getting 100% of yourself, getting your worth”. He recently shared his unique story of how he has migrated from the Midwest to Cali to make his dreams come true. Checkout the in-depth interview and listen to “60/40” today on Soundcloud.


"Cut the Middle Man/Bleezy Blow" is still making heads bob from the US to the UK. A Top 10 HIT on BMS Radio Chicago. His Master's Degree is in International Business from NCU. The Young Business-Man is representing the Midwest by way of Grand Rapids and Indianapolis. Official MPEEZE has spent time in London, England and Florence, Italy. Currently in Los Angeles, CA gearing up to work on his newest project called "Detroit Red".

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