Willi3Hymn drops new-age anthem “Diva Deville”

Remember the excitement you felt when you 1st heard artists like Future, Post Malone, or Lil Uzi Vert? Meet alternative hiphop artist, Willi3hymn. Excitement is consistently building for this Tampa Bay rapper, as he drops his new wave banger titled “
Diva Deville”. 

Let his voice bring you closer as he smoothly autotunes, “Riding in my Cadillac Deville. When you see me, you see sex appeal.” Willi3hymn is extra wavy as he lures you into his hypnotic zone with a groovy hook, then unleashes his versatile lyrical side with a sex influenced flow to describe how he rolls in his Caddy. The visuals allow you the unique opportunity to come and get lit with him from the whip, to the club, and even the bedroom! 

A truly ambitious young artist, Willi3Hymn describes himself as, “A wild church boy, grinding to be best selling recording artist to ever walk this earth.” You can tell that he has placed an extreme amount of dedication and life events into his upcoming mixtape "Conflicted" that will be released in April 2018. Follow Willi3hymn's growing movement and checkout his new video, “Diva Deville” today on Youtube.

[DOWNLOAD] "Diva Deville" on Spotify


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