Base AuraGammi releases new-age hustler's anthem "Check"

This game aint easy. It was alot of long hard night, getting it out the mud for rising hiphop talent, 
Base AuraGammi. With his new-age banger, "Check" BaseAura is making up for lost time. Messing up a check for the times when he didn't have dough. Now, its time to flex on them haters and give the fam everything that they deserve. "Check" is a uptempo rags to riches story from the eyes of a young boss! Read more about BaseAura on his bio below and download the new heater, "Check" today on Spotify.

BaseAura Aka Base AuraGammi is from the Bronx/Harlem NY has Been Making music for over 10 years for his fans with 5 mixtapes on and over 2 millon total plays on #SoundCloud also with music singles on ITunes, Spotify, etc Base AuraGammi looks expand his talents in Music. Recently signed a distribution deal with Rick Ross music Group / Universal Records Distribution Group Base AuraGammi will reach more fans and Excell stay in Tune Base AuraGammi has worked with Some Big Names in the Music Industry such as Tony Sunshine, JHOOD From D-BLOCK and more get in Tune with the AuraGammi Movement .. With Alot of New Music of the 2016 Year and Base AuraGammi is continuing building his brand AuraGammi.

"Check" on Spotify


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