Raj Will releases new motivational hustler’s anthem titled “Hustle”

"Gotta hustle everyday, thats all I know—" rings like a mantra on the hook of Los Angeles rapper, RAJ WILL’s, latest, titanic single “Hustle”. This Chris Beach-produced banger has all the makings of an anthem: rhythmic flow, chantable chorus, quotable lyrics and a bouncy, trap beat. “Hustle” begins with a progression of hazy, atmospheric chords, fulfilled by a prancing, futuristic synth. These provide the melodic canvas for the beat; and soon after their introduction, a pattern of drums is splattered onto the portrait. The drums are upbeat and conventional; evidence that Beach is skilled at tailoring a simple, yet infectious vibe. What happens next is evidence WILL, our rapper, is skilled at everything else needed for a national, Hip-Hop hit. The West Coast spitter hits the beat running, dropping lyrical jewels in a flurry of conversational rhymes. "Quality over the quantity, and clarity over stupidity—" he raps smoothly within his first verse, showing just how little he cares about wordplay or metaphors. 

What RAJ WILL cares most about is spitting with poise and sending a message. That message is to "Make a couple stacks, spend a bit / Make it right back, that’s without a doubt—". If ever you are feeling unmotivated, no matter your profession, throw on this two minute, Billboard-ready single and you are guaranteed to bounce right back to that “Hustle” you do so well.

“HUSTLE” on Soundcloud


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