Singer/rapper, Grand Fisher releases new EP “Real Friends”

With each and every passing year, Canada proves itself as a force to be reckoned with. It has birthed some of the most prolific and talented mainstream artists, whose crossover has dominated American airways. Singer/rapper, Grand Fisher, is no exception to this paradigm; and with his debut EP, “Real Friends”, he proves just how poised he is to take every dancefloor on the continent by storm. 

The production on this album is grandiose and electric; surging with techno-like basslines and vibrant, pop synths. Coupled with the groove of their pounding, syncopated percussion, even the slightest shuffle to these beats becomes eerily irresistible. Your hips will get away from you; and if you were not at a rave or nightclub already, this chromatic, EDM instrumentation will make you wish you had been. Instead of upstaging his production with brash, overbearing vocals, Fisher bounces beautifully between the foreground and background of the music. When the Ontario artist sings and harmonizes on tracks such as “Better As Friends”, “Boy Bye” and “Ghosted”, his voice, dripping with autotune, is pushed to the zenith of the mix; where it is most powerful and reviving. When he raps on those same tracks, his voice blends flawlessly into his production, and he himself becomes an extension of the very music he's flowing on. All in all, this project is a creative, club-ready debut; and if artists like Drake. Justin Bieber and The Weekend have opened the door for potential Canadian popstars, Grand Fisher will most certainly be stepping through.


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