RunAway Randy Freeman releases monster trap anthem "Built Like Us"

RunAway Randy Freeman is a new-age rap star on the rise! His new trap anthem titled "Built Like Us" shows his ability for hit making hiphop music. Listen as he sets himself apart from the average while singing with confidence of a young boss. Also, the overall production, autotune, and mixing make "Built Like Us" 1 of the best records of the summer!

RunAway Randy’s songs come straight from the heart, spreading his uplifting message of living a full life. "I've been scared of dying, but not living to the fullest is my biggest fear," says RunAway Randy. His live performances are full of the infectious, upbeat energy that he brings to life and to mastering his craft. RunAway Randy’s latest release, "Built Like Us" is available now. The track features powerful vocals and a compelling beat.


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