KEVIN CALHOUN drops new #motivational hiphop hit “SHOOT YOUR SHOT”

Fresh off the heels of a stellar homage to Golden Era rap, Kevin Calhoun returns with another dynamite track; and this time, he’s bringing a little bounce along. Empowered by the luscious, R&B presence of Drizzle Gwala, the DC emcee gifts us with an ode to blooming love on the radio-ready “Shoot Your Shot”. Certainly, this three minute and thirty-seven second record has all the necessary ingredients for a commercial hit. There is an addictive, 808-driven instrumental, satisfied by trap snares and a narcotic, kick rhythm. However, if you are looking for a mindless single, this track is not for you. Despite how radio-friendly this smooth, R&B-Hop track sounds, Kevin Calhoun will never leave us short of thought-bending rhymes. He is at the pinnacle of his penmanship on “Shoot Your Shot”, putting lyricism at the forefront of his masterpiece. Just as pure, Hip-Hop should be. This creative formula Kevin Calhoun has contrived is unbelievably bulletproof; and with “Shoot Your Shot”, this talented emcee proves ready to take the mainstream by storm.



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