On-the-verge artist, Eddie Bars new-age banger “Hot Head”

An airy, ethereal string progression, backed by a joyous prance of keys eases you into Chicago artist, Eddie Bars’s, unique, new single. Titled “Hot Head”, this joint is a moving, modern-trap orchestration by BeatsByQuez, which finds Eddie Bars at his most openhearted. Earthshaking, is the 808 which introduces Eddie’s passionate chorus, and drives the energy of the record through its tempest of raw emotion. Our Chitown vocalist uses this joint to chronicle his past and present mentalities. Alternating between a melodic hook and high-energy verses, Eddie Bars details how his once hot-headed persona has simmered into coals of blazing ambition. He has grown immensely; and with each crack of those hard-hitting trap snares, the rapper lets us all know how. Having now refined his mind-state, and refocused his energy on sobriety and success, Eddie Bars is more ready than he’s ever been before. To create awe-striking music, and lead the next tidal wave from the coast of Lake Michigan, into his Chicago home.

"Hot Head" [Download]


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