Slick Mick soulful new hiphop song “I Gotta Rose For These Hoes”

“Is it only when you know the pot is empty, that it’s gnawing at the corners of your mind?” croons a high-pitched, soulful sample in the beginning of Slick Mick’s lovely October release, “I Gotta Rose For These Hoes”. Once the steady shiver of a tambourine, engulfed by slick, bluesy guitars, has had its fill; a goliath, East Coast drum loop stomps into the mix, completing his puristic instrumental. As gravitating as this beat is, it gives our Sydney spitter room to further captivate us with his calm delivery and lyrical narration. This record, above all else, is aimed at the casual listener; who will press play whenever they yearn for a tranquil hip-hop song to pacify them. Slick Mick, sliding through bars regaarding his current state of life and attitude, is not seeking to overwhelm you. No, instead he maneuvers his smooth, Australian accent and endless river of rhymes, to deliver the ideal Saturday night ballad. On the brink of kicking back on the couch to relax? Throw on “I Gotta Rose For These Hoes” and let this excellent offering from Slick Mick massage those corners of your mind. 


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